The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind

This is New

This is a new blog started primarily to follow a continuity.  To follow a pattern from one thread through many threads to another.  Like knitting, the pattern may be intended and precisely followed but the actual motion of the threads, the ins and the outs, the overs and unders, go through their own patterns.  Patterns of necessity.  These patterns are absorbed by our intentions.  By the time we are through the finished item may bear little or no resemblance to the original pattern of intention.  However this record, this tracing of threads will definitely show us how we got there.  To the end result.   There’s a bread crumb trail and if we trust the birds we can like good hansals and gretals find our way back through the dark forest we’ve been walking through.

This blog will ramble.

It will stumble over stones, trip over dead roots, splash over unseen streams.

It will take a break and lie still on the cool mossy ground to stare at the light  filtering down through cathedral trees.

And wonder at the bright gaps of blue way up there, where the sunlight slides down from and whether or not a passing cloud might give us a lift out of the trees shadows, take us somewhere in the same direction but well beyond where we would go.

We will get to our knees and leverage ourselves up with our hands.

And we will keep on walking.

Here we go.


What do you think?

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