The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind

Rhetoric and Rationale

I am sometimes frustrated by the presumptions that are made in these forums that there are underlying requirements or criteria to posting on FB; there are none.  I use FB mainly to procrastinate, point out odd things I see, keep informal dialogues and discussions with remote friends, underline political injustices that I often feel I can do little about but complain. (like the British government which is currently  the quintessential definition of injustice), and occasionally, when inspired by another voice, practice sketching with text.  Illustrating emotions as they emerge from, merge into and transform ideas.  I am attracted to the media of language as it encompasses and conveys the rational, the abstract and the emotive. All in an utterance and tiny shapes on a screen.   I can paint a portrait of a person, a landscape, an event, an anecdote.  I can vent my anger against the petty powers that be, shake my fist at the infinite, fixate on a falling leaf, make love, make a joke, contemplate a blade of grass or the iris of a flower.  And in using my palate, I know another will see what I see, hear what I hear and even feel what I feel and when they do somehow the moment of my awareness becomes  real, crystalised in the recognition of another.  the tree falls and thunders though the forest: ‘I exist, I exist,  I exist’!  


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