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I GET TO DEBATE MY FRIEND AND MUSICAL GENIUS (IMHO) GILAD ATZMON, ON RACISM!!! And niether him or I are taking any prisoners.




The following is a direct transcript of the observations of retired American Civil Rights Attorney, Suzanne DE Kozan.

Apart from being my high school sweet heart and the first woman outside of my family I have ever loved and will always love, Suzanne was, (before she retired due to illness), one of the most respected and effective civil rights attorneys operating in California. She, like all of my close friends and family are,  a dedicated advocate of human and civil rights. Suzanne has fought and won many battles against both public and private concerns who have stood in the way of, or attempted to hamper the rights of individuals to live a safe and unperturbed existence within the legal protection of those rights. Image 

I was so proud that, when I informed her of the attack on me last Sunday by the racist David Kirke, Suzanne was at first horrified and then concerned about my emotional well being in reaction to this assault; but also insisted that she be witness and an expert observer to the conductt of the police in purusuing my complaint. I therefore, set up a SKYPE call with the permission of the Thames Valley officers charged during the 2 1/2 hour interview. I asserted on FB that I would no longer address the issue of David Kirke, partly in response to the overwhelming criticims I received rom my English friends in pursuing both the prosecution and the account of it.

I have been openly described by my friends as ‘unhinged’, ‘obsessed’ and in one case ‘nuts’ to continue raising awareness about my attack. As well as my drawing larger connections and implications that Kirke’s behaviour and its tolerance is a reflection of a much wider social malaise, a polite acceptance amongst English middle class society of the reality of racism against not just Jews, but Muslims, Sikhs, and west Indians in Oxfordshire And I am sticking to my word in not going on about the details of my case against the founder and President of the Dangerous Sports Gentleman’s Club because I have made mistakes: It was a mistake for me to add to David Kirke’s wikipedia entry without taking further advice and I have since apoligised to the editorial group at Wikipedia and my friend Jamie Lawson, who was understanding enough to overlook my unfair initial accusations of his criticisms of my actions as tatamount to complicity.  And I am likewise grateful to those other ‘friends’ for pointing “out the chocolate on my face”.
Although initally robust in my response to the incident, I have since had a very emotive reaction to the attack and am tempering my response accordingly.
I am not English.
My emotions are often very close to the surface of who I am. I am trying to work as an artist and I cannot afford the social inhibition that is particular characteristic of the Engish temperament (amongst certain classes), as it would interfere in my ability to work effectively.  The case of David Kirke is still closed for me on FB.
But I will be keeping my FB friends informed by my chronicling of the Thames Valley Police’s response to the incident, the reaction of local businesses and the local people of Oxford to what one reporter described to me off the record, as part of and sympotamtic of ‘the rising tide of race motivate violent attacks in and around the city of Oxford.’ To be clear: I was not the victim of a violent racist attack, merely a verbal one. I have a skewed the support and participation of the local Jewish community who have offered their support because this is not a Jewish matter. 
This is an English one.
This is an issue of how the English respond to the “foreigners” in their midst following English legal and public procedures in responding to racially motivated attacks on ‘us’. Image
Here is the direct, unedited transcript of retired civil rights attorney Suzanne deKozan’s observaton of my 2 1/2 police interview regarding my complaint:      “Some observations about last night: I don’t think the Oxford police can be trusted. I do not know who this guy is or why he has so much influence. Hopefully you know the answer to that question . If you don’t you will have to ask around and safe quarters.
One thing is clear is many people are afraid of this man.”
“You need to find out why. “
“I think you should go to what ever Jewish group or other group can help you. You do not want to face all these people alone. It’s nice you have so many Facebook followers but I don’t see how they can help you. I would seriously consider filing a report with Scotland Yard and really leaning on them to do something about this situation.
Let them know how everyone in Oxford seems to be afraid of this man, including the police.
It was strange that the Oxford police officer questioned whether you had identified the right person almost immediately. I assume there had been some telephone contact between you and the Oxford police before the visit. I would guess that you had told them how you identified this man, so that was a very strange way to begin the interview. The delay in speaking with you also was strange. and it delayed the investigation which is poor investigative”.
“Procedure: They don’t seem very serious about bringing someone to justice if it is this particular person. The other thing I am trace about is the British definition of a hate crime. Our words enough or does the law require some act in conjunction with the hateful words? If some action is required in addition to the words you could be wasting a lot of time. that is I hope so –I hope no action will be forthcoming from this person or his cohorts.  Just in case he has something terrible planned however you may want to come up with some contingency plan to make yourself scarce. I am worried about you — be safe.I worked as a public defender in state and federal courts”.
I worked as a civil rights lawyer for a private firm in Oakland and also as a government compliance lawyer. (ensuring my public sector clients obeyed the law),” Love, Suzanne