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“Some observations about last night [after observing by SKYPE, Igor Goldkind’s inital interview regarding his attack by PC sTidman and Galworthy]:  

I don’t think the Oxford police  can be trusted.  I do not know who this guy is or why he has so much influence.  Hopefully you know the answer to that question .  If you don’t you will have to ask around and safe quarters.   one thing is clear is many people are afraid of this man.  You need to find out why.  I think you should go to what ever Jewish group or other group can help you.  You do not want to face all these people alone.  It’s nice you have so many Facebook followers but I don’t see how they can help you.

I would seriously consider filing a report with  Scotland Yard and really leaning on them to do something about this situation.  Let them know everyone in Oxford seems to be afraid of this man including the police.  it was strange that the Oxford police officer questioned whether you had identified  the right person almost immediately.  I assume there had been some telephone contact between you and the Oxford police before the visit.  I would guess that you had told them how you identified this man, so that was a very strange way to begin the interview.  The delay in speaking with you also was strange. and it delayed the investigation which is poor investigative

Procedure.  They don’t seem very serious about bringing someone to justice if it is this particular person.  The other thing I am trace about is the British definition of a hate crime.  Our words enough or does the law require some act in conjunction with the hateful words?  If some action is required in addition to the words you could be wasting a lot of time.  that is I hope so –I hope no action will be forthcoming from this person or his cohorts.  Just in case he has something terrible planned however you may want to come up with some contingency plan to make yourself scarce.  I am worried about you — be safe
I have worked as a public defender in state and federal courts.  I [also worked] as a civil rights lawyer for a private firm in Oakland and also as a government compliance lawyer, ensuring my public sector clients obeyed the law.”
Suzanne de Kozan, retired California Civil Rights Attorney