The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind





San Diego Bay, San Diego Bay is a bathtub
With tiny toy boats cast afloat above shimmering metal water
Some toys are air craft carriers
Some toys are tiny tugs
Some are grey, leaden battle ships
With weapons of uniquely personal destruction on board.


San Diego, San Diego Bay
You are my bath tub.
You are my yard, my home, my world now.
From here on out and beyond my recollection.


San Diego, this Bay is a cold Bay.
Although we all so easily bathe in it.
This Bay is as cold as draining human blood.
Which is after all, what keeps these boats afloat.


San Diego Bay, San Diego Bay
Your leaden toy war ships
Caste a bleak grey cloud
On my sunlit-blue sky return.


San Diego Bay, San Diego Bay, you rounded sheet
Of crinkled aluminium foil
At 6 am in the morning looking out
Looking in, at the sheet of this world.
I bathe in now.


San Diego Bay, San Diego Bay
You’re my dirty bath tub water now.



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