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Home again.
Thomas, you were wrong to doubt it:
You can go home again and
Bask in the healing son of Osiris
Having left his lover Isis on the surface above him,
Upon his dissent.

This isn’t home
This is recovery
From the long scurvy of my forgetfulness
I eat limes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and
My bowels move regularly now.

And I feel Thomas’s Pain
His bursting desire to design the citizen
Not his uniform, but his blood, sinew and muscle.

To the Crown
To the Revolutionary Congress
To the post-Revolutionary French Senat
Thomas and his Pain made the American struggle
A universal fight
The pull of the upright ape on the chains holding him down
Fashioned by the forgetful hairless ones.lovelace

We are not revolutionaries!
We are the Revolution.
The evolution of our selves, inner/outer
Into awareness
Into Mindful homage to our Masters and their children:
The ever loving human race.

“The job of an artist is not to give the public what it wants, but what it needs”. Thank you, Alan.

We have already won the revolution.
We have already won the revolution.
2 Shots were fired long, long ago:
In Babbage’s mistress’s boudoir
Antonio_de_Le_n_y_Gama_Descripci_n_hist_rica_y_cronol_gica_de_las_dos_piedras_1790_cIn Giardano’s spinning memory wheels
83114096_3777263b0bIn the bit of the apple Alan choked down,
thWe have already won this revolution

th-1In only 2 digits.