The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind


My publisher Amy is a very powerful woman.

She has very powerful, wealthy connections.

She raises money on Kickstarters like she was playing  at a church bingo parlour every other Friday night.


Amy is publishing my book IS SHE AVAILABLE?  on July 23rd.

That’s when the electronic version comes out that will be available  FREE for download from Amazon, iTunes, Borders, Chameleon and SUBVERSIONfactory websites.

That’s right, absolutely  FREE  for download.  All my poems, all of Gilad’s music, all the over a dozen paintings, illustrations and even a sculpture that some of the ost talented artists in the world have produced to interpret my words.  This has been an awesome adventure; a high speed motocycle race at times; a cross country IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD remake but for real!

A bad then good acid trip.

A series of happy and unhappy coincidences all leading to one eruption of creation:  my books

Wait for it, it’s free.

So back to Amy my publisher who I call the Janis Joplin of genre publishing (that’s SF, Fantasy, Horror and Comics, do you), because she’s a smart talking, hard driving, hard drinking woman who’s seen enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong.  But amy is very powerful and she intimidates me.  It’s Amy who wants to coin me THE NAKED POET and warned me that I had to stay single for my image: that f a broken hearted poet who still believes in Love.  Thst’s me alright but what scares me is that that Amy would order me to stay singler but that she could coordinate with every other woman on this sweet Earth to guarantee I remain single.

How the hell does she pull that off????


This one’s for Amy  and her NAKED POET



I’m just a man

Chiselled with flaws

Cracked with imperfections

Who likes drinking and fucking

And riding fast

On my bike

Down a steep hill

of Pure


What do you think?

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