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First day of work starting at my new job at Starbucks in South Park on the corner of 28th and B. Somehow it seems fitting that I would wind up working in a Starbucks in the South Park part of San Diego. All the people are cartoons here which makes life amusing.

So what do I do at Starbucks? What’s my job title? Am I management or dog’s body?

I thought you’d never ask: I sit at Starbucks and write and when someone strikes up a conversation with me, asks me to pass the sugar or even winks or smiles at me, I offer them enlightenment.image004

Not your run of the mill, life changing, reality shattering like a broken mirror Englightenment, mind you. None of that crap. You want the whole sky is falling, death in your right shoulder, everything is really an illusion palava, you got to go mediate on a mountain, stop spending money and polluting the planet or go take LSD for that particular trip.

Me, I’m more with the practical enlightenment department. Like pointing out that your shoe laces are untied and that you might trip over them. That’s the kind of essential information we need to get by day to day. It’s the Practical Application of Englightenment to Every Day Life. Another tidbit is how to get a call center worker to do what you need them to do without shouting.

thI admit that so far it’s an unpaid internship at Starbucks but I’m meeting good people, making great connections and the exposure for my career is just incomparable to working a real job. I mean, someone’s bound to notice me here at this Starbucks in South Park, in San San Diego, Southern California, USA, Planet Earth. I mean this is where I am, afterall.


Then there’s the hot tip of not listening too closely to what your friends say because they’re usually just talking about themselves, but smiling and nodding allot so that they feel affirmed. Another is always keeping in mind what it would be like NOT to be with the person you’re with, the love of your life, etc. First of all because it will probably transpire that you won’t be with them at some point and secondly because imagining your life without the person you love in it makes you important that person really is in your life. And you treat them that way.

I’m just full of little aphorisms and glimpses of practical enlightenment…Enough to, wait a minute ……get a book out about it?

Thank you for sharing in my process, writing random meanderings on FB has led me to an idea for a non fiction book:

I wonder what the cover price for the hard cover should be?


I can’t wait to be the adminsitrator in charge of this phase of The Englightenment:
I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice!