The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind

Archive for June 1, 2014


droid2-e1357319186509Poem 1: THE GODS

In the trees, in the trees
I can feel them in the trees
The Gods, that is;
The ones who prepare us for tha PASSAGE out of Time.

We are Osiris, you and I,

Scattered fragments of longing
Long covered  by the deserts shifting sands
One hour glass at a time.

We are nothing but our longing, my friend.
We are merely the sum and
The cost of our yearning
To be tethered to the Whole.

Isis resembles our Selves
Pulling back intact, like magnets
The fragments of our lives.
One puzzle piece at a time.

seedless-watermelonPoem 2: NAMING THE DIVINE

There exists no firmer affirmation
Of our direct connect to the divine
Than can be found in the reading of great poetry
Or in the eating of ripe, seedless-sweet