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Archive for June 23, 2014

What We Do


What We Do.

What We Do












Can you hear the sound?


That quiet roar of Being?





In the background,


In the cracks in the ground.


It’s the low rumble of a lumbering Lorry engine.


Do you hear it?


It’s just behind

The straggling dream of

Trying to get ‘somewhere’

Over some rainbow.



No Revelation . . .


Nothing was ever concealed;

Merely overlooked

By you,

By me.


While we were busy leaping

To catch the stick in our teeth

Thrown by our masters:

Money without faces

Men who have yet to be named.


When we are not trained to do tricks

Like dogs.

(Some of us even carry certificates.)

We are laboratory rats

Being tested for complacency

And our ability to follow simple instructions:

Like ‘Buy This Again!’


Well…what did you expect?

Angels with broken wings?

Excuses are open wounds

But mistakes open a clear glass window

Through which you can see,

In the distance:

Where you live,

Who you are and

Who answers your door when death knocks.