The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind

TRADE FLYER for IS SHE AVAILABLE?, My Debut Collection of Poetry


Yes, well I am at the San Diego Comics Con the single biggest genre entertainment convention in the world and the biggest trade convention for any idustry in the whole state.  So I’m walking around and talking to people, trying to avoid the herds of  novelty seeking cattle rushing from one spectacle of desireable and obtainable (for a price) to another.   I’m tweeting my adventures.

If you’re around, walk up to me and ask me for spare change; I’ll tell you that change comes from within and hand you one of these.

Yes,  look again, the sketch on the flyer is by the imminent illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz who is brilliantly  illustrating the cover and one of my poems.


Now I have to return his dog.


This is the trade flyer for my book,


Buy it, buy  the book.


It will help.


Trust me.



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