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Archive for September 9, 2017

In a Diamond Rain



Caught unawares in a diamond downpour.
When did fate get so quick and immediate?
So judgment-like and familial?
When did I last step out of my room
And begin to orbit time?
That vantage point that surrounds us,
Is not just this moment,
But every moment you or I have ever or will ever live.

A handful of jewels lie scattered at my feet.
Each crystal catching and tricking the light into reflecting each and every possible face of existence  that there is,
All at once.

Each stone weighs down heavy on my stomach.
Forced downward by the sheer gravity of events.
When did I step out of myself, again?
I am no longer there.

download-1Or rather I am here, just not in this world.
Instead, I’m living in a different world
Built from longing, solitude, and reflection.

Two mirrors face each other.
One rag wipes dust and sweat off both our dirty faces,
Go on, reach out with your fingertips to see and feel,
Every surface of this jewel,
We named Being.
Can you see over there, the sole distant surface we inhabit?
Reflecting in all the faces of every other surface,
Of all the other jewels that are falling around us?
THIS is what it’s like, to be caught in the Diamond Rain