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For Devin Kelley: Who finally escaped his madness & his pain.


There is No Escape

None of us gets paroled
From the prison cells, we lock ourselves into.
So that we all can fit together inside
This jigsaw life that we lead.
Which of course, eventually blows apart.   images-10                         We are merely the fragments of ourselves awaiting reassembly.

Each moment of thought is but a small drop in time.
Every piece fits the next piece.
Although we may try to avoid
The murmurs of our own thoughts. 
It is our hearts that yawn and awaken slowly
From their long winter night’s sleep.

You and I are mere mortals, download

Who dreamt of a life without end.
We are the ones who made up immortality and notoriety. 
For the sake of seeking sweet comforts and sad joys.
And this is the story we tell ourselves

Whilst slumping back to our cells.