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So You Think You’re Going to Shoot Me?

The Poesie of Igor Goldkind – Reciting Truth to Power

The real blood libel.

I got news for you goyim,
You’ve been shooting at me for 900 years
From arrows to bullets to canon and you still haven’t hit me.
Because I am no other than you.
How can I replace you when I am you?
Open your eyes, you are aiming your gun at yourself.

You don’t get it.
This must be the trick of the devils’ twisted tongue, right?
The one that tries to deceive you
With the facts of truth
Poured from the goblet of reason.
Go on, take a sip.

No, you can’t shoot me, you can’t even aim.
Your hatred is so predictably boring,
Always looking for someone else to blame
For your failure as a human being.
Anyone should do,
Just like a bad movie cliche, you pick the Jew.

How can you shoot me,
When most of us are already dead?
Replaced, misplaced, driven from your nations’…

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