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You Know You’re a Nazi When…

You Know You’re a Nazi When…

You are more loyal to your party and it’s grand standing leader than you are to your fellow citizen.

You refer to and think of immigrants in terms of a problem.

You think political refugees fleeing violence are actually all con artists looking for a hand out.

You are repulsed by certain races.

(Be honest with yourself and recognize it. Then decide if you want to continue feeling this way. Reason is the stone path to liberation).

You ascribe personality traits and physical characteristics to people by race disconnected from culture (e.g. Caucasians are not genetically disposed towards excelling at Dungeons & Dragons; they just play it more.)

The way other people honestly love each other and what turns them on sexually makes you sick.

You think most, but not all people are worthless.

You wish your parents had disciplined you more as a child.

You think non white people can overall preferential treatment.

You think White is a culture rather than an embodiment of privilege and power.

You think certain music and art is debased and decadent.

ALL of your friends are White and the people of color you insist on citing…none of them call you their friend.

You support Donald Trump because you fear Freedom, which you call The Press and Socialism.

You like being told what to do.

You hate other people because you hate the secret weaknesses inside yourself, which everyone can see clearly while you think you’ve kept your self loathing so well hidden.