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Archive for January 2, 2021

Second Hand Years

Haven’t you noticed?
I’ve been pulling my hair out not knowing who to call.
They’ve suckered us all in with another used year!
Sure, it’s been refurbished and looks a lot like a New Year, 
But don’t be fooled,
This is a counterfeit New Year being passed off as a real one.      
The surface looks sharp but its purely cosmetic.
It won’t load the latest Operating System
It’s warranty has long since  lapsed.
And its components are no longer compatible.
Don’t be fooled by fake years.
You’ll wind up forgetting the real ones.

Do something! Call somebody. 
Don’t just sit there lamenting
Demand refunds and store credits!
Stomp your feet and threaten court actions.
But whatever you do, don’t be taken in by second-hand years,
When what we really all need is a new one.