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Banned From Facebook, Again…

What can I say?

The month of January was silent due to my having accused a local mask-denier of demonstrating “a lethal stupidity”. 30 day suspension for “bullying’. I assume based on her complaint that I was telling her not to spread misinformation.

My latest trespass, again for another 30 days (first 7, until I appealed the decision), was for taking issue with a Trump supporter on one of Alexandra Cortez’s threads.

The woman was claiming that AOC had made up her account. A Portuguese participant commented in AOC’s defense whereupon the virulent QAnon proponent told the Portuguese national that he was a foreigner and to mind his own business, going back to his own country. I immediately responded in his defence by inviting him as my guest, to comment on anything he wanted to in the land of freedom of speech and then chastised the woman to stop being an ignorant American.

She complained that I was nationally slandering her for being an American manifestation of supreme ignorance. I was again suspended from using Facebook for 30 days, 27 more.

My appeals have been well reasoned and completely ignored.

I am awaiting the moral judgement of the algorithmic overlords by which human employees make decisions at Face Book. Repeatedly, I have been censured and censored for challenging misinformed comments that Facebook itself, if it contained one iota of the moral standard it claims to hold, should have caught in the first place!

If challenging and taking issue with those who question the legitimacy of the election, the validity of the pandemic or its remedies and continue to spout dangerous, Trump inspired, racist and and anti vax madness goes against Facebook’s Community Standards then those standards and their deployment are in serious need of actual public review and scrutiny.

In the meantime, I shall wallow in the righteousness of my exile.
Dostoievski won’t be drinking alone tonight in the Facebook Gulag.

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I Predict! Amazing and Almost True!

The real war between man and machine is about whose judgment is wielded and whose judgment prevails. This battle is fought every time we use the net to transact. At what point do our algorithmic interpreters control the game?You find human judgment in abeyance and retreat each and every time you deal with a call center.

Logic is now servant to system:

“This is the way it’s done, always been done”.
“It’s not set up that way.”

We are slowly but steadily surrounding human judgment to the computational power of machines.

Soon, ‘computation’ will be a competitive methodology for cognition itself and non algorithmic entities will be on the defensive. We will compete to be better machine-like people; while the machine have already crossed the finish line, miles ahead of us.

Nourish your exceptionalism.
Don’t be so distracted by expediency that you learn to overlook your common sense.
Machines were invented to emulate and enhance human judgment, but not to replace it.
Remember who you are.

The human mind is not a machine. But the machine was made by the human mind.