The Work of American Poet Igor Goldkind

I Predict! Amazing and Almost True!

The real war between man and machine is about whose judgment is wielded and whose judgment prevails. This battle is fought every time we use the net to transact. At what point do our algorithmic interpreters control the game?You find human judgment in abeyance and retreat each and every time you deal with a call center.

Logic is now servant to system:

“This is the way it’s done, always been done”.
“It’s not set up that way.”

We are slowly but steadily surrounding human judgment to the computational power of machines.

Soon, ‘computation’ will be a competitive methodology for cognition itself and non algorithmic entities will be on the defensive. We will compete to be better machine-like people; while the machine have already crossed the finish line, miles ahead of us.

Nourish your exceptionalism.
Don’t be so distracted by expediency that you learn to overlook your common sense.
Machines were invented to emulate and enhance human judgment, but not to replace it.
Remember who you are.

The human mind is not a machine. But the machine was made by the human mind.


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