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‘liv’s fit now’: the negative side to weight loss

My beautiful daughter recognizing her own beauty.


So last year I decided I was fed up of being overweight, unhealthy and self-conscious of my body. I had always thought of myself as a relatively fit person, however I was faced with the stark reality when I struggled to climb a mountain, I had easily been able accomplish when I was a child. For the first time the reality of how unfit I was hit me and I needed to change. For me it was all about fitness. I wanted to get fit and feel fit. To do this I needed to completely change my lifestyle and mindset towards food and exercise.

Illustration by Jade Ball

I started moving every day, I found a passion for running, I joined the gym, started weight training and general toning activities. When I went back to uni I added volleyball and netball to the mix and found myself transitioning from…

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